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25 March 2023
Journal recommendation | Easy to be accepted. EI conference papers can also be submitted, with a wide range of accepted topics!

Science of Advanced Materials is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal that covers all aspects of experimental and theoretical research activities in advanced materials in the fields of science, engineering, and medicine.


Journal profile:


Journal Quartile: CAS Quartile: Q4


Category: Materials Science


Subcategory: Materials Science, Multidisciplinary, Nanotechnology, Physics, Applied


JCR Quartile: Q4


Materials Science Multidisciplinary (306/345), Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (105/109), Physics, Applied (144/161)


Impact factor: The impact factor of Science of Advanced Materials has been fluctuating around 1.0, and the latest impact factor in 2021 is 1.1+.


Publication Volume: Science of Advanced Materials is a monthly publication, and the number of articles published in the past few years has remained at 300+. In recent years, it has declined slightly to an average of around 250+. The latest number of articles published in 2021 is 296 (with a self-citation rate of 10.9%).


Recent acceptance


According to recent article submission time, the journal's review period is about 1-2 months. Due to the journal's broad scope of acceptance, papers on topics such as electronic materials, physical materials, and chemical materials are acceptable, and the paper requirements are not high. EI conference papers can also be submitted after revision, leading to a high acceptance rate.


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