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14 June 2022
How to revise and reduce the weight of the paper?

Many friends were at a loss when facing the duplication check of this paper. Seeing that other people have reached the duplication standard, they are getting more and more anxious, and they are getting worse and worse. In fact, when it comes to the revision and weight reduction of the paper, certain skills are still required, so how to revise and reduce the weight of a paper? Let's take a look at my sharing.

Many students do not know how to revise their thesis after completing the thesis detection on the thesis detection platform, the repetition rate is too high. In this case it is recommended to:

The paper detection platform will display the corresponding duplicate sources and suggestions for modified words. In fact, this suggestion for modified words is valuable and can be replaced according to the words in the suggested modified words, which can achieve the effect to a certain extent.

However, completely replacing with synonyms cannot fully achieve the purpose of weight loss. Depending on the student's revision, revisions must begin with repetitive sentences in the thesis. Repeated sentences have a lot of expressive lifestyles, and then we can technically rework the repeated sentences with another cultural expression and method, depending on our linguistic knowledge base. In fact, this is also the basic method of paper revision, which is to clutter repetitive sentences but keep them coherent.

No matter how much knowledge and theory, the people in front have already written it, and there are so many graduates. In fact, it is impossible to guarantee that every paper has value, that is, research results. Before the defense of the university graduation thesis, the author tested a test report, and the thesis also wrote 25,000 words. There is a very fatal mistake here, that is, after the test report is completed, it is found that the design problem is of little value.

At that time, the defense teacher will point out this problem in a straight-forward manner, so we can adopt a data method, supplement the market data with relevant literature analysis and research purposes, so that the credibility is still higher. Also, as long as there are reasonable references, basically the repetition rate of the first paper will not exceed 30%. At the same time, before the formal submission of the paper, students will have many opportunities to check the duplication of the paper for free, but they must correct it as soon as possible.

For undergraduates, don't think that the dean's graduation thesis will not be checked if it is not included in the duplicate checking system. The first duplicate checking system is updated in a timely manner, and it will be updated in March and April. Although there is no database, it is also recorded in the duplication checking system, and seniors' papers cannot be used at will.

For graduate students, don’t think that the senior thesis in the school library can’t be found in the thesis check system database. The graduate school of the college also has its own database. That is to say, all the graduate papers that used the postgraduate detection system a year ago are stored in the In the database, the detection database cannot be detected, but the college's detection can be detected, so try not to copy the senior's graduation thesis.

Thesis writing and thesis checking are very meticulous work. Remember to guard against arrogance and impatience, and wait until the thesis is finally submitted to the supervisor for review and approval.

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