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14 March 2023
What is the significance of attending academic conferences?

(1) To understand the latest developments in the field.


(2) To share research results. When attending an academic exchange meeting, you will give a brief report of your latest research results to your peers. From topic selection, making a PowerPoint presentation, to reporting and post-meeting discussions, it is a summary of the work done in the current research phase, which allows peers to provide suggestions, and help you clarify what to do next and how to do it.


(3) To inspire research ideas. When listening to presentations, various ideas collide, which can broaden your research thinking, inspire creativity, and lead to many research ideas that can suddenly emerge, thus enriching and advancing your current research and optimizing your academic system.

(4) To improve the ability to evaluate researches. Academic conferences are usually short, lasting only two or three days, but it is time for researchers to showcase their research results to each other. Through peer comparison, you can learn which institutions and scholars are conducting high-quality research, which in turn improves your own ability to evaluate scientific research. In daily work, you can also have a more systematic evaluation of your own work.

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