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Copyright Notice

1. As a professional one-stop academic service platform, AIS (hereinafter referred to as the Sites) also provide service of user-generated content (UGC), allowing a third-party company/institution/media agency/individual to publish relevant information or content on the Sites. AIS does not guarantee the authenticity, reliability and accuracy of these contents, nor is it responsible for any copyright infringement existing in the content or images in the content. As for the contents uploaded to the Sites by a company/institution/media agency/individual through 'self-media platforms' or contents directly uploaded in the platform, the Sites will not assume any responsibility or provide any guarantee on whether the contents in the article have infringed the intellectual property rights of any third-party. That responsibility shall be borne by the uploader himself. However, the Sites have the right to delete the relevant article once the infringement was confirmed.

2. All AIS-related materials (including but not limited to academic papers, conference materials, news reports, images, audios, videos, charts, advertisements, domain names, software, programs, layout design, column lists and names, content classification standards) are compiled or produced by our partners, part-time columnists or industry professionals. The copyright belongs to the original creator. The Sites only serve as a platform for material publishing. We are not the owner of copyright, so we bear no responsibility in the case of any copyright ownership issues and disputes brought by such information, contents or materials.

3. Regarding the contents published on AIS, the Sites are entrusted by the copyright owner to prohibit any media, websites or individuals from reprinting and using them without written authorization. In case you are a nonprofit website or a government/industrial association website, we welcome your reprint after inquiry, but please be sure to indicate the source "Al Scholar" on the reprinting webpage. The link of our website should be added if possible. For commercial entities, however, illegal use of AIS' materials without explicit permission from us is strictly forbidden.

4. Articles published on the Sites only represent the author's perspective and have nothing to do with our position. The author is solely responsible for the article. Some of the contents published on the Sites come from the Internet and traditional media. We reprint them for the purpose of information exchange and discussion. If you consider our reprint to be an infringement of your copyright, please contact us. We will delete the relevant content within (2) working days.

5. Articles, images and other materials published on the Sites are for reference only. The fact that we publish those contents doesn't mean we agree with their statements or description. We do this to provide more information for our users, with no intention to give any academic or medical advice.

6. Unless obtaining our authorized, those who reprint information from irregular sources or information without copyright in the name of AIS will be held accountable in accordance with the law.

7. AIS owns the intellectual property rights of contents such as our websites, online applications, software and the containing elements like trademarks, logos, texts, pictures, video, audios, software, etc.

8. Your use of AIS products and services is subject to these Terms and within the scope of the corresponding license agreements. Any unauthorized use beyond the scope constitutes an infringement of AIS' copyright.

9. Actions like reverse engineering, reverse compiling or decompiling on the webpages, applications, software and other products related to the platform are strictly forbidden.

10. During your use of AIS' live broadcast services, the intellectual property rights of your live streaming courses (including but not limited to live videos, audios, and the texts, audios, videos under these Terms) belong to you and you alone shall bear all the responsibility.

11. You guarantee that you are the lawful owner of the intellectual products you upload to AIS platform (including but not limited to the course content, teaching materials, music, pictures, fonts, trademarks and patents), and you have the corresponding right to dispose such intellectual products (including but not limited to copyrights such as the right of communication through information network and the right to sublicense the corresponding rights). You must not upload others' knowledge products to AIS platform, or broadcast or rebroadcast others' performance (including online speeches or lectures that take place offline ) without obtaining their authorization. AIS has the right to request the documents that can prove your copyright over the submitted intellectual products. In case you refuse or fail to provide such documents, AIS has the right to remove or even delete your intellectual products from our platform. In the event of an infringement of third party intellectual property rights arising from your violation of these Terms, AIS has the right to immediately remove your or delete the intellectual products you have uploaded to our platform, and you alone shall bear all the responsibility; in case AIS has suffered loss from your infringement, or we have to bear joint liability or receive administrative penalty, AIS has the right to demand a double repayment after we have assumed the corresponding responsibility.

12. The contents you publish on our platform could be usde by AIS, our partners or other users. Therefore, if you don't enjoy copyright over such contents, you may face complaints, reports or claims. On the other hand, if you notice that the content published by another user or a third party has violated your legitimate rights, you should claim your rights to those subjects or report them to the platform with sufficient evidence. AIS will not bear any responsibility, but we promise to provide necessary assistance.

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