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20 June 2022
How to reduce the repetition rate of duplicate checking

When writing a paper, everyone will try to avoid having similarities with other people's articles, but always accidentally the duplicate checking rate exceeds the standard line, so how can we reduce the repetition rate of the paper in duplicate checking? Xiaobian has sorted out three ways to help you.

First, we must standardize the format when writing papers, because the HowNet can automatically identify the citations and references in the papers when checking duplicates. Once the format is wrong, both the citations and references may be directly involved in the detection, which will increase the repetition rate of the papers after the detection results.

Second, words with a large number of words in the text can be made into pictures, and then pasted to the original place. However, this method will reduce the number of words in the paper. Some tutors will be very strict about the number of words, and some tutors are not allowed to do so.

Third, put the extracted words into the paper in another way. Although this method is very slow, it is also the most practical method at present. Some sentences that cannot be changed can also be marked with quotation symbols.

Moreover, word typesetting is likely to affect the total number of words in the duplicate check report of the paper, because if the typesetting is correct, the HowNet system will automatically recognize that the contents, references, etc. will be automatically removed and will not be included in the text detection, thus affecting the total number of words in the duplicate check report of the HowNet. Therefore, it is very important to have a correct typesetting and format when writing papers. When quoting literature or articles, we should try to describe them in our own words, so that the duplication rate will naturally be low.