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25 March 2023
Journal Publication | Q4 of CAS, with a high acceptance rate and a broad scope of submissions!

Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering is an interdisciplinary open-access journal aimed at promoting cutting-edge research on complex data and information processing, technology transfer, and knowledge translation. The types of articles published include research papers, correspondence articles (short and novel research), interpretive documents, technology transfer and knowledge translation reports (explanations of new technologies and products), announcements, industrial progress, and news. The journal's ISSN: 1547-1063 Subject keywords: mathematics, bioscience, and engineering.


Journal Quartile :


Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS): Q4


Category - Engineering and Technology


Subcategory - Mathematics and Computational Biology


JCR Quartile: Mathematics and Computational Biology: Q3 (35/57)


Impact factor:


Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering's impact factor has fluctuated slightly in recent years, although it has been on an overall upward trend, with a significant increase in 2020 and the latest impact factor in 2021 reaching 2.2+.


Annual publication volume:


Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering is a bimonthly journal that had a small number of articles published in previous years, remaining within 100 articles. However, there has been a significant increase in publication volume since 2019, which has coincided with the rise in the impact factor. The latest annual publication volume for 2021 is 464 articles.


National publication ranking:


Mainland China has a significant advantage in terms of publication volume, ranking first with 819 articles, while the United States is second with 201 articles.


Recent acceptance:


According to the information provided on the official website, the journal's acceptance rate is between 30% and 40%, with a fast review process, usually completed within 1-2 months, and a fast publication speed.


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