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06 March 2023
Journal recommendation | IF3.9+ in steady rise, accepting a wide range of topics, easy to accept, no page charge!

Journal recommendation: Applied Nanoscience is an interdisciplinary journal that publishes articles on state-of-the-art nanoscience, emerging nanotechnology, and construction techniques used in the basic areas of sustainable civilization. Its articles cover a wide range of fields such as water science, advanced materials, energy, electronics, environmental science, and medicine. Journal ISSN: 2190-5509 Article type: research articles, reviews, book reviews


Journal Quartile: CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences): Category of Q4: subcategory of Engineering Technology:

Nanotechnology JCR (Journal Citation Reports) Quartile: Q3 Nanoscience & Nanotechnology(65/109)


Impact Factor: The journal's Impact Factor has fluctuated slightly in the past five years, with a slow overall upward trend. The latest Impact Factor in 2021 is 3.9+, and it is expected to continue to increase next year.


Number of published articles and national ranking: In the past few years, the journal has published a relatively small number of articles, with an average of less than 200 per year. However, the number of published articles exceeded 500 in 2020, reaching the highest level in history. The number of published articles in 2021 has declined slightly, with the latest number being 496.


Recently included: browse the official website for the specific time of recently included articles, the average review cycle is about 1-2 months, and the publication cycle is within 1 month.


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