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27 October 2022
4th Revision: Good Publication Practice Guidelines 2022

  Recently, the Annals of Internal Medicine published the updated Good Publication Practice Guidelines (GPP 2022) for publishing company-sponsored biomedical research.

  The GPP guidelines were originally published in 2003 and updated under the auspices of ISMPP in 2009 and 2015. Now, in 2022, they have been updated for the third time. Diversity of contributors for GPP 2022 was ensured through ISMPP, representing academia, industry, and medical communications companies, as well as publishers and editors.

  Dan Bridges Chair of the International Society for Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP), said, “We are pleased to deliver these contemporary best practices to the medical publications and communications community.”

  The authors solicited feedback from 38 invited experts before submitting the updated guidance to Annals. Following an ISMPP call for volunteers, over 120 sets of comments were received, representing the collaborative input of hundreds of professionals.

  “The authoring group is honored to support this continued commitment to ethics and integrity in publishing company-sponsored biomedical research,” said Lisa DeTora, Ph.D., lead author of GPP 2022 and associate professor at Hofstra University."

  By updating GPP guidelines and supplying an accompanying supplement, the authors hope to enhance transparency and integrity in the development of biomedical publications. DeToraalso thanked ISMPP and its members for their support of the GPP update.

  About ISMPP: Founded in 2005, ISMPP is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing the medical publishing and communication professions worldwide. There are over 2,200 members of the ISMPP, representing all stakeholders involved in the publication and communication of medical research.