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01 June 2022
What does sci paper mean? what level?

Many friends don't know SCI. In fact, SCI refers to SCI journals, that is, journals indexed by SCI. The level of ei journals and SCI is very high, and the level of SCI is slightly higher. SCI papers are basically high-quality articles. What exactly does sci paper mean? What level is the sci paper? Let's take a look at my sharing.

SCI papers are papers published in journals included in SCI (Scientific Citation Index, "Scientific Citation Index"). At present, the concept model of SCI papers in my country's scientific and technological circles, a small number of researchers mistakenly believe that SCI is a journal, which is cited by Nanjing University It has become a kind of publication for academic evaluation and rewards and punishments of major universities and scientific research institutions.


As far as SCI papers are concerned, most of our scientific research workers are faced with the defect of lack of English ability, especially for older and highly professional scientific and technological workers, the content is not a problem, and English often becomes the bottleneck of restriction. SCI papers are still mysterious to most scientific and technological workers in our country and difficult to publish. Based on this, most scientific research institutions, universities and other units have introduced them as evaluation standards. This is also unfair, although there is a lack of human intervention evaluation standards. However, while working, scientific researchers have to waste their energy on the writing and publishing of SCI papers. Although our scientific research can be brought into line with international standards, it is necessary to train Chinese scientific and technological workers to use the SCI official website to query and review existing papers and scientific and technological achievements. The habit of searching, but restricts the level of science and technology in my country, forcing researchers to devote part of their energy to foreign languages, making a large number of excellent research results flow into English journals, undermining the development of Chinese journals, and reducing the role of Chinese in the field of science and technology. currency value".


What is the level of the SCI paper?

Generally better journals can be included in the SCI journal database, so SCI papers are considered to be the highest-level papers. But it cannot be generalized.

First of all, the level of SCI journals is uneven, and there are also many water journals. Therefore, the same SCI papers are published in different journals at different levels. For this reason, SCI journals are divided into divisions at home and abroad, such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences division and the JCR division. They all divide SCI journals into zones 1 to 4, of which the journals in zone 1 are the best journals in the industry and are very difficult to publish. SCI journals in zone 4 are relatively easy.


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