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31 October 2023
How to Retrieve EI Conference Papers

How to Retrieve EI Conference Papers?To retrieve conference papers from EI (Engineering Index) databases, you can follow these general steps:

How to Retrieve EI Conference Papers

1. Identify the conference: Determine which conference you are interested in. Make a note of the conference name, year, and any other relevant details.

2. Access EI databases: EI databases include sources like Engineering Village, Inspec, and IEEE Xplore. You may need access through a university library or subscription to these databases.

3. Search for the conference papers: Use the search feature of the specific EI database you have access to. Look for advanced search options to refine your search based on conference name, year, author, keywords, or other relevant criteria.

4. Refine your search: Review the search results and refine your search parameters if needed. You can try different combinations of keywords or apply additional filters to narrow down the results to the specific conference and papers you are looking for.

5. Access full papers: Once you find the desired conference papers, check if they are available for full access. Some papers may be freely accessible, while others may require a subscription or purchase. If you have access, you can typically download the full papers in PDF format.

6. Cite the papers: When using conference papers in your research or references, ensure proper citation following the required citation style (e.g., APA, IEEE). Include the paper title, authors, conference name, year, and any other necessary information.

It's important to note that the availability and access to conference papers may vary depending on your institutional access and the specific conference proceedings. Additionally, some conferences may have their own dedicated websites where papers can be accessed directly.