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19 October 2022
AiScholar: Welcome to our New Corporate Member of the ACSE

  AiScholar, a one-stop academic service platform, has recently joined the Asian Council of Science Editors (ACSE) in a strategic collaboration with the aim of strengthening the companies’ identities as the front runners in advancing and facilitating the Asian Publishing ecosystem.

  The ACSE is thrilled to welcome AiScholar as one of its corporate members and looking forward to a positive contribution and enhanced accomplishment for the mutual developmental goals of both organizations.

  The collaboration not only reflects the commitment of both ACSE and AiScholar to novel methods of knowledge dissemination, but with shared goals and mission of advancing the scholarly publishing ecosystem, the two organizations are looking forward to an increase in the international outreach of their content and services, and to make them even more accessible to the broad publishing community.

  About AiScholar:

  With strong academic resources and technological advantages, AiScholaris committed to providing customers with efficient solutions and channel platforms in the fields of academic communication, scientific research services and talent education. Through Internet technology, we aim to popularize scientific knowledge and disseminate and transform innovative results, bringing together the resources of experts, scholars and research institutions worldwide. We help our clients make scientific decisions, improve efficiency, promote the transformation of scientific research results, and advance scientific and technological research and development through first-class high-tech tools and services. With the aim of “making easy academic exchange “, AIS is committed to promoting global academic research exchange, breaking down academic walls, and expanding academic boundaries to build a leading one-stop academic service platform with broadened horizons, professional efficiency and resource sharing for researchers at home and abroad.