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All Academic Conference Alerts

AiScholar has collaborated with universities, research institutes, governments and enterprises to organize international academic conferences across various disciplines. With nearly 3,000 conferences held since 2014, AiScholar's efforts have been successful in bringing together over 33,000 experts from 2,000 global universities and research institutes through its online cloud platform; about 1.8 million customers have been attracted from universities and research institutes worldwide. The conferences cover a wide range of mainstream disciplines such as energy and environment, water conservancy and civil engineering, electronic information engineering, bioengineering, computer science, earth science, mechanical automation, materials and manufacturing technology, economic management and finance, as well as humanities and social sciences.

AiScholar has developed strong partnerships with renowned publishing groups globally. It invites papers for EI/CPCI retrieval through academic conferences, offering an opportunity for excellent papers to be selected and published in SCI and SSCI journals.