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2023 4th International Conference on Civil, Architecture and Disaster Prevention and Control (CADPC 2023)

March 24-26, 2023     Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

未命名的设计 (5).pngImportant Information

Conference Website:

Date: March 24-26, 2023

Location: Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

Full Paper Submission Deadline: Mar. 19, 2023

Submit to database: SCI,EI Compendex, Inspec, Scopus

未命名的设计 (5).pngConferece Introduction

At present, the world’s population is growing and the scope of human activities is expanding, directly or indirectly resulting in more and more complex environmental conditions. Each day, the world is facing multiple hazards, such as environmental, geological and weather-related disasters, with higher frequency and more complex inducements. Moreover, different types of hazards can also bring unquantifiable damage to human beings.

Under such complex circumstances, how to promote disaster risk reduction of human life, environment, infrastructure and major projects through the development of science and technology has become the most important, popular and challenging subject in engineering discipline. Promotion of architectural-related technologies and technologies for disaster forecasting, prevention and control are among the most critical part. The theme of the former International Conference on Civil Construction and Pollution Control (ICCAPC) has be changed to International Conference on Civil, Architecture and Disaster Prevention and Control (CADPC) since 2022. We would like to take this opportunity to further enhance construction technologies for predicting and resisting disasters.

2023 4th International Conference on Civil, Architecture and Disaster Prevention and Control (CADPC 2023) will be held during March 24-26, 2023 in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China. CADPC 2023 focus on construction technology, disaster prediction, disaster prevention and control, and post-disaster reconstruction. The conference will provide a platform for scholars from universities at home and abroad, researchers and engineers to share research results and cutting-edge technologies. All attendants will get the chance to know about updated academic trends, develop new way of thinking, improve academic research and discussions, and promote industrialization of research findings. 

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Harbin Institute of Technology

Selinus University of Science and Literature.png

Selinus University of Science and Literature


Hebei University of Architecture


Central South University

未命名的设计 (5).pngCommittee

Abhijit Mohanrao Zende.jpg

Prof. Abhijit Mohanrao Zende

Dr. Daulatrao Aher College of Engineering


Prof. Xin Ren College of Civil Engineering, Nanjing Tech University, China


Assoc. Prof. Qingfei Gao School of Transportation Science and Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology

Conference ChairTechnical Committee ChairOrganizing Committee Chair

Keynote Speaker


Prof. Danhui Dan 

Tongji University

Dr. Danhui Dan is a professor of the Department of Bridge Engineering at Tongji University. Dr. Dan’s research focuses on the structural health monitoring (SHM) and life-cycle maintenance of bridges. His main research interests include designing the bridge SHM system, general theory of intelligent SHM, complex cable structural dynamics, and evaluation and diagnosis of the existing structures. He has served as the Principle Investigator and Co-Principal Investigator for thirty-one projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China(NSFC) and other regional institutions. As the director or main technical backbone, Dr. Dan also participated in the studying and designing of more than 40 bridge SHM systems, including the Donghai bridge SHM system. He has published over 180 peer-reviewed technical papers, including 72 SCI papers with first-author and communication-author and 68 EI papers. One of his publications was recognized as both the ESI highly-cited(1%) and ESI hot(0.1%) paper, and one was reported by Advances In Engineering(AIE) as excellent scientific research. Dr. Dan has been awarded 12 utility patents and 5 computer software copyrights by the Copyright Protection Center of China(CPCC). He is also the only author of the book Intelligent Monitoring of Bridge Engineering Structure: Theory and Practice (in Chinese), and the 1st author of book Complex cable structure dynamics and its intelligent monitoring (in Chinese). He is the main contributor to the Specification for Bridge Structural Monitoring System in Shanghai, China.


Prof. Ka-Veng Yuen 

University of Macau

Prof. Yuen is a Distinguished Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE). He also serves as a Council Member of the Escola Superior das Forças de Segurança de Macau (ESFSM) and Member of Board of Trustee of the Science and Technology Development Fund (FDCT) of the Macau SAR Government. Prof. Yuen’s research interest includes Bayesian inference, model selection, model updating, structural health monitoring, structural reliability, and structural vibration control. His paper “Model selection using response measurements: Bayesian probabilistic approach” (coauthored with J.L. Beck) is one of the top 10 most cited papers among all papers published in the Journal of Engineering Mechanics (established since 1983) of the American Society of Civil Engineers. Furthermore, his single-author book “Bayesian methods for structural dynamics and civil engineering” (published by John Wiley & Sons in 2010) has attracted great attention of Bayesian methods for structural dynamics. It has become a classical reading in this research field. In 2012, he was elected in the National Science and Technology Award Panel Expert Bank and the National Science and Technology Programs Expert Bank of the Ministry of Science and Technology, People's Republic of China. His major awards include: Young Investigator Award, International Chinese Association on Computational Mechanics;  QIAN Weichang programme scholar, K.C. Wong Education Foundation; and Phi-Tau-Phi Honorary member.


Assoc. Prof. Liqiang Jiang

Central South University

Liqiang Jiang, associate professor of civil engineering in Central South University, master supervisor. He received his Ph.D. from Southeast University. He is one of the academic members of the 8th International Conference on Seismology and Earthquake Engineering (SEE8) of International Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Seismology (IIEES) and the New Material&Structure Committee of Chinese Society of Architecture, and the associate member of the American Society of Civil Engineering (A.M.ASCE). Dr. Jiang interests the research of prefabricated structural systems and seismic analysis of engineering structures. He has undertaken 7 scientific research projects, published nearly 30 academic papers in many international journals and authorized 3 national patents of invention.

未命名的设计 (5).pngCall for Paper

This conference mainly invites papers which topic related civil technology, architectural technology, disaster prevention and control. 

1. Civil, Construction Technologies

Civil Engineering TechnologyCivil Engineering Surveying
Civil Engineering Machines, Civil Engineering SeismicNew Construction Technology
Engineering Structures and Earthquake ResistanceEngineering Monitoring and Testing Technology
High-Rise Building Construction TechnologyBuilding Reconstruction Technology
Technology for Structural Repair, Reconstruction and ReinforcementConcrete Structure, Steel Structure and Related Technologies
Steel Structure TechnologyVentilation and Air Conditioning Engineering Technology
Decoration, Waterproof and Basic TechnologyFormwork Technologies
Technologies for Building Components ProductionBuilding Water Heating and Equipment
Building Power Systems Technologies for Construction Equipment Installation
Construction TechnologyConstruction Energy-saving Technology
Smart Building TechnologyOther Related Topics...

2.Disaster Prevention and Control

Smart Disaster PreventionDisaster Preparedness and Risk Reduction
Assembled Rapid Disaster ReliefWeather-related Hazards
Geological HazardsEarthquake-resistant Buildings
MudslidesFlood Control and Risk Reduction
Rocky SlopeDisaster Prediction
Disaster Prevention and ControlSmart Post-Disaster Rescue
Application of Big Data in Disaster RescuePost-Disaster Reconstruction Technology
Other Related Topics...

未命名的设计 (5).pngPublication & Submission

The conference will recommend a variety of publication types, including conference proceedings(EI), general journals, SCI journals. If you need translation and retouching services, please contact the conference secretary. Scholars are requested to strictly abide by academic norms and ethics, and not to publish repeatedly or submit more than one manuscript.

1. Conferece Proceedings

1st Submission Deadline: Feb. 15, 2023

All accepted full papers will be published by conference proceedings and will be submitted to EI Compendex, Inspec, Scopus for indexing.

◆The paper should be more than 5 pages.

◆Template & Submission Note: Download

◆Online Submission: 


2. General Journals


Journal of Civil Engineering and Urban Planning

ISSN: 2616-3969

Indexing Type: CNKI(知网)、Google Scholar(谷歌学术)

Published topics include: Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Architecture and Urban Planning

Entrance to Submit: JCUP(Select Jean Wu as the person in charge)


Journal of World Architecture (JWA)

Online ISSN: 2208-3499 Print ISSN: 2208-3480

Indexing Type: Crossref, Google Scholar(谷歌学术), Scilit, National Library Australia, J-Gate, Cqvip

Published topics include: 1. Architectural Theory and Design Practice 2. Structural Building Technology and Construction 3. Civil and Structural Engineering 4. Social, Economic and Environmental Impact of Architecture 5. Analysis of Architecture on the Physiology and Psychology of Occupants 6. Application of New Building Technologies 7. Materials for Building Needs 8. Development of Public Policies in Architecture and Other Related Topics Such as Organizational Structures and Networks

Entrance to Submit: JWA(Select Jean Wu as the person in charge)


Journal of Architectural Research and Development (JARD) 

Online ISSN: 2208-3537 Print ISSN: 2208-3529

Indexing Type: Crossref, Google Scholar(谷歌学术), Scilit, National Library Australia, J-Gate, Cqvip

Published topics include: 1. Architectural Design, Building Technology (including New and Energy-saving Technologies) 2. Architectural Practice, Urban Planning, and the Impact of Architecture on the Environment 3. Architectural Landscape Design, Architectural Philosophy, and Civil Engineering 4. Other Related Fields/Topics

Entrance to Submit: JARD(Select Jean Wu as the person in charge)

3. SCI Journals

*Buildings-Disaster Mitigation, Risk Reduction, and Resilience Design of Engineering Structures (ISSN 2075-5309, IF=3.324)

Journal 1: AQUA--Water Infrastructure, Ecosystems and Society (ISSN:2709-8028, IF= 1.644) 

Journal 2: Advances in Materials Science and Engineering (ISSN:1687-6822, IF= 1.726) 

Journal 3: Frontiers in Earth Science (ISSN:2296-6463, IF= 3.498 ) 


Submission:    Recommend code: Y757

未命名的设计 (5).pngConference Program

The conference includes keynote speech (approximately 30-40 minutes each), oral presentations (approximately 10-15 minutes each), and poster presentations. All the participants will receive a certificate of participation.


2023 4th International Conference on Civil, Architecture and Disaster Prevention and Control (CADPC 2023) will be held during March 24-26, 2023 in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China. The following information about the schedule is for your reference.

March 24, 2023 (Fri.)13:00-17:00Registration
March 25, 2023 (Sat.)09:00-12:00

Opening Ceremony, Keynote Speech

14:00-18:00Oral Presentation
March 26, 2023 (Sun.)09:00-18:00Academic tour

* The above program is a brief outline. A more detailed programme will be emailed to you after the registration deadline. The actual conference schedule may be a little different according to the number of participants.

未命名的设计 (5).pngRegistration

ItemRegistration fee
Regular Registration for Conference Proceedings Paper (5-6 pages)

490 USD/per paper (5-6 pages)

3400 CNY/per paper (5-6 pages)

Extra Pages (Begin at Page 7)

40 USD/ per extra page

300 CNY/per extra page

Attendees without Submission

180 USD/per person

1200 CNY/per person

Attendees without Submission (Groups≥ 3 people)

150 USD/per person

1000 CNY/per person

Purchase Extra Journal

75 USD/book

500 CNY/book

*If your paper is accepted by committee and you registered for the conference, a 30% processing fee will be deducted if a retraction is requested.

未命名的设计 (5).pngParticipation

1. Paper Authors: The edition fee includes a free place to attend the conference. The other authors can register as normal participant. All the authors can apply the presentation for free.

2. Keynote Speaker: Apply for the keynote speech on the conference. Please submit your personal CV, presentation title and abstract.

3. Oral Presenter: Apply for the oral presentation on the conference. Please submit your presentation title and abstract.

4. Poster Presentation: Apply for print the poster and the poster will be shown on the conference hall. Please submit the A1 vertical and electronic version.

5. Audience Participation: No submission but only participation.

* Register Link:


未命名的设计 (5).pngContact Us

Conference Website:


Conference Secretary: Teacher Yu

Tel: +86-17512877028(Wechat)

QQ: 3417177581

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Conference Secretary: Ms. Mak

Tel: +86-13922151732(Wechat)

QQ: 1465084071



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