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The 3rd International Conference on Automation, Electronic Science and Technology (AEST 2024)

image.pngAbout AEST 2024

Conference Website:

Conference Date: June 7-9, 2024

Location: Kunming, China

The 3rd International Conference on Automation, Electronic Science and Technology (AEST 2024) in Kunming, China on June 7-9, 2024. The electronic information technology revolution is divided into three stages -- the interconnection of all things happening now, the coming intelligence of all things, and the ultimate integration of heaven and earth in the future. This is the general trend that no one can contain or stop, and this is the reason why electronic information technology is so important to China.  China's electronic technology industry has distinct characteristics and advantages, that is, because of the 1.4 billion population base has a huge application scenario that is unmatched by any other country in the world, so the future development must meet the country's major needs, must be demand-oriented, application-oriented.

The purpose of the conference is to make full use of the advantages of the rapid development of electronic science and technology and automation and promote the organic combination and collaborative development of electronic technology and mechatronics and other technologies.  At the same time, it is committed to providing a platform for scholars, engineers and practitioners in electronic science, mechanical engineering, advanced intelligent equipment manufacturing technology and automation and other related fields to share the latest research results, focusing on cutting-edge topics and the latest research results to carry out academic discussions and professional exchanges.

image.pngCall For Paper

(I) Electronic Science and Technology

· signal processing

· Image processing

· semiconductor technology

· Power system

· Integrated circuits

· Physical electronics

· electronic circuit

· Introduction to embedded systems

· Microcomputer principle

· Microwave millimeter wave electronics

· Optical fiber communication

· Digital signal processing

· Semiconductor Physics

· Physical electronics and electronics

· Microelectronics

· Computer structure and logic design

· Introduction to Electronic Science and Technology

· Signals and systems

· Fundamentals of electronic circuits

· Microcomputer system and interface

· Theory of electromagnetic fields

· Fundamentals of solid state physics

· Optoelectronic technology

· Fields and waves in information electronics

· Fundamentals of photoelectron physics

· Electronic devices

· Fundamentals of VLSI design

· Display technology

(II) Automation

· Linear system control

· Control integrated circuits and applications

· Parallel control and management of complex systems

· Automatic control system

· Automation and monitoring system

· Control and embedded system

· Robot system control

· Fault-tolerant control system

· Fractional system and control

· Intelligent system control

· Fault diagnosis and system operation safety

· Network and motor

· Nonlinear theory and application

· Renewable energy conversion

· Automatic control principle and technology

· Flexible automation solutions

· Intelligent manufacturing and high-end automation systems

· Image processing and computer vision

· Information processing and control of unmanned systems

· Network clustering and network control

· Advanced sensing technology and instrumentation

· Wireless sensor network and data fusion


After 2-3 experts of the organizing committee have strictly reviewed the contributions of this conference, all accepted full papers will be published in the conference proceedings and will be submitted to EI Compendex / Scopus  for indexing.

Submission Methods

1. The submitted papers must not be previously published or under consideration of publication elsewhere.

2. Please submit your full paper (Word+pdf) to  SUBMISSION SYSTEM

▶Oversea submission: Click here

▶Domestic submission: Click here

3. And please submit the full paper if both the presentation and publication are needed.

4. Please submit the Abstract only if you just want to make a presentation.

5. Templates download: Templates

6. Should you have any questions or you need any information in English, please contact us

Registration Fee

ItemsRegistration Fee
Regular Registration for Paper (4-6 pages)

490 USD/ paper (6 pages)

3400 CNY/ paper (6 pages)

Extra Pages (Begin at Page 7)

50 USD/ extra page

300 CNY/ extra pag

Attendees without a Submission

180 USD/ person

1200 CNY/ person

Purchase Extra Proceedings/Journal copies75 USD/book

500 CNY/book

* If your paper is accepted by committee and you registered for the conference, a 30% processing fee will be deducted if a retraction is requested.



Conference Secretary: Summer Pan

Tel/Wechat: 18922107265




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