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2022 International Conferenceon Carbon Capture, Utilizationand Storage

(ICCCUS 2022)

▍Conference background

In the wake of industrialization, the burning of large amounts of fossil energy and the reduction of forest areas have led to an increase in the emission of greenhouse gas (carbon dioxide) and aggravation of global warming, posing an extremely serious environmental challenge to all mankind. In recent years, countries around the world have realized the severity of the greenhouse effect and approved and signed the Paris Agreement in 2016, striving to reduce CO2 emissions and thus improve the living environment for human beings. Carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) technology can absorb, fix and utilize emitted CO2, which means that released CO2 can be separated from emission sources such as industrial waste gas and stored or reused for a long time. Therefore, CCUS technology can be remarkably effective in reducing CO2 emissions and can significantly mitigate the greenhouse effect.

Conference contents

Time: December 3, 2022 (Saturday)
Format: Online conference (ZOOM conference)
Main venue: 2022 International Conference on Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (ICCCUS-2022)
Session 1: CO2 Capture and Storage

Session 2: CO2 Utilization

▶▶▶ More experts are welcome to open sessions, and any potential experts are encouraged to contact the conference preparation secretariat.

Conference organization

Hosts: Key Laboratory of Clean Chemical Processing of Shandong Province, Editorial Department of Fine Chemical Engineering

Organizers: Coal Clean Utilization Team of Ningxia University, Shanxi Institute of Coal Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shizuishan Science and Technology Bureau, Yangtze River Delta Environmental Protection Energy Chemical Industry Innovation Research Institute, Chemical Engineering Professional Committee of Shandong Society of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

▍Seminar topic

(1) Capture, utilization and storage process of CO2;
(2) Biomass-derived chemicals;

(3) CO2 adsorption materials (such as activated carbon, molecular sieve,MOF, etc.);

(4) CO2 utilization catalysts (such as photocatalysts, electrocatalysts or thermal catalysts);

(5) CO2 separation technology (such as membrane separation, ionic solution, etc.);
(6) CO2 storage technology;
(7) CO2 emission reduction policies;

President of the Conference

Professor Qingjie Guo
Qingdao University of Science and Technology, Ningxia University

International Advisory Board (in no particular order)

Academician Guangxi Yue
Tsinghua University
Professor Noritatsu Tsubaki
University of Toyama
Professor Wei Wei
Shanghai Institute for Advanced Study, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Professorial Senior Engineer Shuping Deng
Institute of Coal Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Director Fuzhen Zhou
Shizuishan Science and Technology Bureau
Professor Guangqian Luo
Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Zhixiong ZhangPresident Yangtze River Delta Environmental Protection Energy Chemical Industry Innovation Institute
Lei LiInstitute of Coal Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Cunbao SuScience and Technology Bureau of Shizuishan City
Minlong WangInstitute of Coal Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Hongjing TianChemical Engineering Institute, Qingdao University of Science and Technology
Professor Pei Sean GohUniversiti Teknologi Malaysia
Doctor Mei AnChina University of Mining and Technology
Doctor Tuo GuoNingxia University
Doctor Sue Li

Fine Chemical Engineering Editorial office

Papers and conference languages


Key dates

Deadline of papers (or detailed abstracts)
December 2, 2022

Notice date of acceptance

December 2, 2022
Notice date of participation
December 3, 2022


ICCCUS-2022 Opening Ceremony

Date: 3rd Dec., 2022   08:00 am(BET)

Zoom link:

Zoom ID: 872 6053 2650     Password: 221203


Session 1: CO2 Capture, Storage, and Policy

Date: 3rd Dec., 2022   10:10 am(BET)

Zoom link:

Zoom ID: 825 9387 0045     Password: 120301

Session 2: CO2 Utilization and Biomass Conversion

Date: 3rd Dec, 2022   10:10 am(BET)

Zoom link:

Zoom ID: 874 6709 1104     Password: 120302

Also available on:

1、 Bilibili

Opening Ceremony and Session 1:

Opening Ceremony and Session 2:


Opening Ceremony 

Host: Prof. Zhenhua Li

Zoom ID: 872 6053 2650     Password: 221203

8:00 am-8:10 am

Opening Speech

Speaker: Prof. Qingjie Guo

(Qingdao University of Science and Technology

Ningxia University)
8:10 am-8:50 am

Plenary lecture 1:New and Powerful Carbon Chain Propagation in C1 Chemistry by Precise Catalyst Design

Speaker: Prof. Noritatsu Tsubaki

(University of Toyama, Japan)
8:50 am-9:30 am

Plenary lecture 2:The Development Status of Chemical Looping Combustion in Korea for CO2 Capture in Power Plants and Boilers 

Speaker: Dr. Jeom-In Baek

(Korea Electric Power Corporation)
9:30 am-10:10 am

Plenary lecture 3:Multifunctional Materials for Combined CO2 Capture and Utilization

Speaker: Prof. Fanxing Li

(North Carolina State University, USA)

Session I: CO2 Capture, Storage, and Policy

Part one  host: Prof. Ning Wei

Zoom ID: 825 9387 0045     Password: 120301

10:10 am-10:35 am

Keynote 1: Research on CO2 capture technology of coal-fired flue gas and economic evaluation of typical 


Speaker: Prof. Shijian Lu

(China University of Mining and Technology)
10:35 am-11:00 am

Keynote 2: Progress in integrated research of locally conversion of CO2 captured by hydrate to dimethyl 


Speaker: Prof. Yongdong Chen

(Southwest Petroleum University)
11:00 am-11:25 am

Keynote 3: Research Progress of Integrated CO2 Capture and Mineralization Technology

Speaker: Dr. Lei Li

(Institute of Coal Chemistry, CAS)
11:25 am-11:50 am

Keynote 4: Ionic liquids - An energy efficient 

absorbents for carbon dioxide capture

Speaker: Prof. Ramesh L. Gardas

(Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India)

Part two hosts: Dr. Yunfei Gao and Dr. Yongzhuo Liu

1:00 pm-1:25 pm

Keynote 5: Evaluation of CO2 mitigation potential via 

CCUS hub in Ningxia province

Speaker: Prof. Ning Wei

(Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics, CAS)
1:25 pm-1:50 pm

Keynote 6:Facilitating carbon reduction and 

coordinated development of East-West 


Speaker: Mr. Zhixiong zhang

(Yangtze River Delta Environmental Protection Energy Chemical Industry Innovation Institute)
1:50 pm-2:15 pm

Keynote 7:Decarbonization Strategy for Beijing to Achieve Carbon Neutral by 2050

Speaker: Mr. Yong Li

(China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development )
2:15 pm-2:40 pm

Keynote 8: Integrated CO2 Capture and Methanation

Speaker: Prof.  Nannan Sun

(Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, CAS)
2:40 pm-3:05 pm

Keynote 9: Chemical Looping-from Separation to 

Staged Conversion

Speaker: Dr. Yongzhuo Liu

(Qingdao University of Science and Technology)
3:05 pm-3:30 pm

Keynote 10: Carbon Uptake by Cement

Speaker: Dr. Zhu Liu

(Tsinghua University)
3:30 pm-3:55 pm

Keynote 11: Nanocomposite membranes for carbon 

dioxide removal

Speaker: Prof. Pei Sean Goh

(Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)
3:55 am-4:20 am

Keynote 12: Capture and in-situ utilization of flue 

gas CO2

Speaker: Dr. Yunfei Gao

(East China University of Science and Technology)
4:20 pm-4:45 pm

Keynote 13: Chemical Looping: from Fundamental 

Research to Industrial Demonstration

Speaker: Dr. Jingjing Ma

(Ningxia University)
4:45 pm-5:05 pm

Keynote 14: Mechanism research of CO2 adsorption

 from flue gas by functionalized carbon materials

Speaker: Dr. Yanxia Wang

(North Minzu University)

Session II: CO2 Utilization and Biomass Conversion

Part one  host: Dr. Xinhua Gao

Zoom ID: 874 6709 1104     Password: 120302

10:10 am-10:35 am

Keynote 1: CO2 fixation in polyurethane

Speaker: Prof. Junwei Wang

(Institute of Coal Chemistry, CAS)
10:35 am-11:00 am

Keynote 2:  Experimental study on chemical-looping gasification and in situ adsorption decarbonization of municipal sludge with high water content

Speaker: Prof. Cuiping Wang

(Shandong University of Science and Technology)
11:00 am-11:25 am

Keynote 3: Direct conversion of CO2 into liquid fuels and high-value chemicals

Speaker: Prof. Jian Sun

(Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS)
11:25 am-11:40 am

Student reports 1: Unveiling the promotion effect of Zr species on SBA-15 supported nickel catalysts for CO2 


Speaker:Tang Rui Ph.D. Candidate

(Tianjin University)
11:40 am-11:55 pm

Student reports 2: Morphology-Dependent Properties of Nanostructured Ni/CeO2-NdO2 Catalysts for CO2 


Speaker: Niamat Ullah Ph.D. Candidate

(Tianjin University)

Part two hosts: Prof. Cuiping Wang and Dr. Jinchen Ma

1:00 pm-1:25 pm

Keynote 4: Design of Cu-based catalyst for CO2 hydrogenation to methanol

Speaker: Prof. Congming Li

(Taiyuan University of Technology)
1:25 pm-1:50 pm

Keynote 5: Advances and prospect of CO2 

hydrogenation to liquid sunshine: methanol

Speaker: Prof. Jijie Wang

(Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS)
1:50 pm-2:15 pm

Keynote 6: Selective hydrogenation of CO2 to lower

 olefins and aromatics

Speaker:  Prof. Zelong Li

Lanzhou University
2:15 pm-2:40 pm

Keynote 7: The functional features of yolk−shell nanocapsule catalysts over CO2 reforming of methane

Speaker: Dr. Changzhen Wang

(Shanxi University)
2:40 pm-3:05 pm

Keynote 8:Catalyst design for highly efficient CO2 hydrogenation to hydrocarbons

Speaker: Dr. Xinhua Gao

(Ningxia University)
3:05 pm-3:30 pm

Keynote 9: Effect of coal-chlorine on Cu-based oxygen carrier in chemical looping combustion

Speaker: Dr. Jinchen Ma

(Huazhong University of Science and Technology)
3:30 pm-3:55 pm

Keynote 10: Multisite microkinetic modeling of carbon dioxide
conversion to methanol

Speaker: Prof. Blaž Likozar

(D-13 National Institute of Chemistry, Slovenia)

Dr. Blaž Likozar acknowledges Matej Huš, Drejc Kopač, Anže Prašnikar, Janvit Teržan, Damjan Lašič Jurković, Andraž Pavlišič, Matic Grom's contribution for the conference report
3:55 pm-4:20 pm

Keynote 11: Sustainable Production of Basic Chemicals by Electrocatalysis

Speaker: Dr. Xianbiao Fu

(Technical University of Denmark)
4:20 pm-4:45 pm

Keynote 12: Design of Stable  Heterogeneous Catalysts for  Hydroformylation Reaction

Speaker:   Dr. Yurong He

(Ningxia University)
4:45 pm-5:00 pm

Student reports 3:Study on the performance of aromatic hydrocarbons produced by catalytic pyrolysis of coal/biomass

Speaker: Huifen Kang Ph.D. Candidate

(Ningxia University)
5:00 pm- 5:15 pm

Student reports 4: Efficient catalytic pyrolysis of cellulose to light aromatic hydrocarbons over modified ZSM-5

Speaker: Naiyu Yao Ph.D. Candidate

(China University of Mining and Technology)
5:15 pm-5:30 pm

Student reports 5: Enhancing the CO2 methanation activity of Ni/CeO2 via activation treatment-determined metal-support interaction

Speaker: Shuangxi Lin Ph.D. Candidate

(Tianjin University)

Conference and Exhibition

▶▶▶ During the conference, relevant enterprises and institutions are welcome to participate in the exhibition. Please contact the conference secretariat for details.

Conference Secretariat

▶▶▶ Click the link in the description for the meeting notice.

Notice of the First Round of the 2022  International Conference on Carbon  Capture, Utilization and Storage  (ICCCUS-2022)

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• Conference Brochure of the 2022  International Conference on Carbon  Capture, Utilization and Storage  (ICCCUS-2022)

▍Conference Secretariat

Conference Contacts: Associate Professor Wang Lingyun

                                   Dr. An Mei

                                   Mr.Tuo Guo

                                   Sue Li

                                   Xin Pan




All universities, industry societies, scientific research institutes, enterprises and institutions are invited to actively participate in and mobilize academic talents at home and abroad to participate in the 2022 International Conference on Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (ICCCUS-2022) based on their actual needs.


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