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image.pngGeneral Infomation

Date:June 9-11, 2023

Location:Xiamen, China

Submission Deadline:May 11, 2023

Notification of Acceptance:one week after submission

Submitted to these indexers:EI, Scopus

image.pngAbout ICCGIV 2023

The 2023 3rd International Conference on Computer Graphics, Image and Virtualization(ICCGIV 2023)will be held on June 9-11, 2023, in Xiamen, China. This conference focuses on the latest research on "Computer Graphics, Image and Virtualization", aiming to gather experts, scholars, researchers and related practitioners in this field from all over the world, share research results, explore hot issues and exchange new experiences and technologies. We warmly welcome experts and scholars in related fields to submit their new research or technical contributions to ICCGIV 2023, and share valuable experiences with scientists and scholars from all over the world.

image.pngCall For Paper

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Computer Graphics

Image Processing


Basic theory and algorithms of graphics

Realistic graphics

Geometric Modeling and Processing

Computer animation and games

Non-realistic graphics

Graphics technology based on image and video

Computer-aided geometric design

Computer-aided design

Virtual Reality Technology and Applications

Mixed Reality Technology and Applications

Scientific computing visualization

Image Video Processing and

Digital Media Technology

Computer Simulation

Human-Computer Interaction Technology

Engineering Graphics and Applications

Three-dimensional vision

Graphical User Interface

Image Processing

Discrete Cosine Transforms

Discrete Hilbert Transforms

Fuzzy Logic Applications in Signal Processing

Image segmentation

Pattern recognition and analysis

Spectral Analysis

Wavelet Transforms

Coding and Transmission

Color and texture

Object and Scene Recognition

Face recognition

face detection

gesture recognition


Image feature extraction

Digital Signal Processing

Medical image processing

Radar Image Processing

Sonar Image Processing

Digital Multimedia Broadcasting

Imagel Processing Applications

Image generation

Image acquisition

Image processing

Image-based modeling


Immersive virtual reality

Integration of virtual reality


Interactive digital media

Knowledge-based recognition

Audio processing

Video processing

Performance measurement, modeling and monitoring of virtual / cloud workloads

Adapt to the emerging high performance computing technology

Programming model of virtual environment

Compliance in the new era of virtualization and ensuring the benefits of virtualization 2.0

The impact of it virtualization on applications and networks

Dynamic computing power integration

Troubleshooting virtual infrastructure

Energy optimization and energy saving of green data center

Virtual per job / on demand clustering and cloud burst

Virtualization Platform

Enable disaster recovery for enterprises of any size

Business value of cloud computing and virtualization

Heterogeneous virtualization environment, virtualization accelerator, GPU and coprocessor

Topology management and optimization of distributed virtualization applications

Job scheduling / control / policy in virtual environment

Virtual desktop delivery

Lightweight computing node operating system / VMM

Virtualization in data intensive computing and big data processing

Open virtualization format

Virtualization management

Virtualization choreography across data centers

Virtual perception network

Control the spread of virtual server

* Manuscripts passed the peer-review process by expert reviewers from the conference organizing committee will be accepted and published in the Conference Proceedings. The published papers will then be submitted to EI Compendex, Scopus for indexing. 


2023 3rd International Conference on Computer Graphics, Image and Virtualization(ICCGIV 2023)will be held on June 9-11, 2023, in Xiamen, China. The following information about the schedule is for your reference:

June.10(Saturday)09:00-12:00Speeches of Keynote Speakers
14:00-17:30Oral Presentations
June.11(Sunday)09:00-18:00Academic Investigation

* The outline programme is shown on this page. A more detailed programme will be emailed to you after registration deadline. Actual time arrangement may be a little different according to participant numbers.

image.pngAuthor's guide

Ⅰ.Oral Presentation Instruction: 

1. Timing: a maximum of 15 minutes total, including speaking time and discussion. Please make sure your presentation is well timed. Please keep in mind that the program is full and that the speaker after you would like their allocated time available to them.

2. You can use CD or USB flash drive (memory stick), make sure you scanned viruses in your own computer. Each speaker is required to meet her/his session chair in the corresponding session rooms 10 minutes before the session starts and copy the slide file(PPT or PDF) to the computer. 

3. It is suggested that you email a copy of your presentation to your personal inbox as a backup. If for some reason the files can’t be accessed from your flash drive, you will be able to download them to the computer from your email. 

4. Please note that each session room will be equipped with a LCD projector, screen, point device, microphone, and a laptop with general presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Reader. Please make sure that your files are compatible and readable with our operation system by using commonly used fronts and symbols. If you plan to use your own computer, please try the connection and make sure it works before your presentation. 

5. Movies: If your PowerPoint files contain movies please make sure that they are well formatted and connected to the main files.


Ⅱ.Poster Presentation Instruction:

1. Maximum poster size is 59.4 CM wide by 84.1 CM high(A1). 

2. Posters are required to be condensed and attractive. The characters should be large enough so that they are visible from 1 meter apart. 

3. Please note that during your poster session, the author should stay by your poster paper to explain and discuss your paper with visiting delegates.


Ⅰ.For the publication on conference proceedings:

ItemRegistration fee
Regular Registration for Paper (4-6 pages)

490 USD/per paper (6 pages)

3400 CNY/per paper (6 pages)

Student Registration ≥ 3

440 USD/ per paper (6 pages)

3000 CNY/per paper (6 pages)

Extra Pages (Begin at Page 7)

50 USD/ per extra page

300 CNY/per extra pag

Attendees without Submission

180 USD/per person

1200 CNY/per perso

Attendees without Submission (Groups)

150 USD/per person(≥ 3 person)

1000 CNY/per person(≥ 3 person)

Purchase Extra Journal75 USD/book

500 CNY/book

Ⅱ.Details of the attending registration

Join as Presenter: If you are interested in giving presentation on conference, without publishing your paper in the proceeding, you can choose to attend ICCGIV 2023 as a Presenter. As presenter, you need to submit the abstract and title of your presentation before register. For further information, please contact us at:

Join as Listener: ICCGIV 2023 is an unmissable conference. It is a good chance and an effective platform to meet many renowned experts and researchers in the filed of latest academic research. You are welcome to attend this great event. You need to complete the registration as Listener before the registration deadline.

Ⅲ.Details of the registration fees

1. Registration fees for ICCGIV 2023 Regular is USD490 / 3400 RMB per paper.

2. If the length of the paper exceeds 6 Pages, the cost of Each Extra Page (begin at Page 7) is USD50 / 300RMB.

3. Registration fees include conference proceedings, lunches, gifts and attending all technical sessions.

4. The registration fee does not include:  

   • Accommodation

   • Visa application fee

   • Transportation fee

5. At least one author for each accepted final paper must pre-register. 

6. Completed registrations will be acknowledged by the Organizing Committee within 2-5 workdays after receiving your payment.

7. If you cannot attend the conference due to some reasons, we will mail the proceedings and invoice to you. 

image.pngContact us

Conference Secretary: Emma Zheng


Tel: +86-13922150104 (WeChat)


* The Secretary office of  ICCGIV 2023 will collect contributions and finish daily organizing work. All paper review process will be completed by Program Committee Member and invited experts.

* If you have any question or inquiries, please feel free to contact us.


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