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2024 The International Conference on Computational Modeling and Applied Mathematics - Chinese-Russian Conference "Differential Equations and Its Applications" (CMAM 2024 & DEIA)


August 2-4, 2024    Dalian, China

█  Important Information

Conference Website:

█  Conference Introduction

2024 The International Conference on Computational Modeling and Applied Mathematics (CMAM 2024) is a continuation of the Chinese-Russian Conference "Differential Equations and Its Applications" held in Novosibirsk in November 2023, and will be centered on the latest research areas of "Applied Mathematics", "Computational Mathematics" and "Computer Applications", "The conference will provide an international platform for experts, professors, scholars, engineers, etc. from higher educational institutions, scientific research institutes, enterprises and institutions of domestic and foreign countries to share their scientific experience, expand their professional networks, exchange new ideas and present their research results face-to-face. It provides an international platform for experts, professors, scholars and engineers from domestic and foreign universities and institutes to share their research experiences, expand their professional networks, exchange new ideas face-to-face, and present their research results, to discuss the key challenges and research directions of the development of this field, and to promote scientific and technological innovation. At the same time, it builds a diversified international platform for academic exchanges and industry-university-research cooperation for teachers and students of the university, enhances the academic influence of Dalian Maritime University in this field, cultivates the top scientific research talents, and promotes the high-quality development of the discipline.

2024 The International Conference on Computational Modeling and Applied Mathematics - Chinese-Russian Conference "Differential Equations and Its Applications" (CMAM 2024 & DEIA) is hosted by Dalian Maritime University and organized by School of Science, Dalian Maritime University. The conference will be held on August 2-4, 2024 in Dalian, China.

█  Call for Paper

Topics include but are not limited to the following areas:

Applied MathematicsComputational Mathematics
Elementary Marginal Value Problem

Mathematical Physics Inverse Problems

Chaos Theory

Combinatorial Mathematics

Complex Dynamics

Differences, Differential Equations

Iteration and Iteration Theory

Stability Theory

Symmetry and Productible Systems

Special Functions and Orthogonal Polynomials

Biomathematics, Control Theory

Applications of Computer Mathematics

Mathematical Theory of Artificial Intelligence

Numerical Analysis

Numerical Solution of Differential Equations

Computational Geometry

Mathematical Modeling and Applications

Engineering Applications and Scientific Computing

Computational Fluid Mechanics

Computational Solid Mechanics

Fluid-Solid Coupling Computing

Intelligent Computing and Simulation Technology

Modeling and Simulation of Processes

Applied Algebra and Numerical Analysis

Data Mining and Soft Computing

Application of Simulation Software


█  Publication

1. Conference Proceedings

Papers will be reviewed by two or three expert reviewers from the conference committees. After a careful reviewing process, all accepted papers will be published in conference proceedings, which will be submitted for EI Compendex, Inspec and Scopus.


█  Conference Program

2024.8.309:00-12:00Keynote Speech
13:30-17:00Oral Presentation

█  Registration

ItemsRegistration Fee
Regular Registration (5-6 pages)

485 USD / paper (5-6 pages)

3400 CNY / paper (5-6 pages)

Extra Pages (Begin at Page 7)

60 USD / extra page

300 CNY / extra page

Attendees without Submission

210 USD / person 

1500 CNY / person

Purchase Extra Proceedings/Journal copies

70 USD/book

500 CNY/book

* If your paper is accepted by committee and you registered for the conference, a 30% processing fee will be deducted if a retraction is requested.

█  Participation

1. Paper Authors: The edition fee includes a free place to attend the conference. The other authors can register as normal participant. All the authors can apply the presentation for free.

2. Keynote Speaker: Apply for the keynote speech on the conference. Please submit your personal CV, presentation title and abstract.

3. Oral Presenter: Apply for the oral presentation on the conference. Please submit your presentation title and abstract.

4. Poster Presentation: Apply for print the poster and the poster will be shown on the conference hall. Please submit the A1 vertical and electronic version.

5. Audience Participation: No submission but only participation.


█  Conference Secretary: Jean Wu


Tel: +86-18122455684 (WeChat)

The Secretary office of CMAM 2024 & DEIA will be collecting all the contributions and managing the daily organizing work of the conference. All the paper peer-review process will be completed by the conference Program Committee members and externally invited expert reviewers.

If you have any question or inquiries, please feel free to contact us.


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