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2023 3rd International Conference on Internet Technology and Educational Informatization(ITEI 2023)


- About to ITEI 2023 -

Internet technology connects different devices through the wide area network of computer network. It not only speeds up the transmission speed of information and broadens the access to information, but promotes the development of different software applications, and changes people's life and learning style. Educational informatization refers to the process of using modern information technology comprehensively and deeply in the field of education to promote educational reform and development. The development of educational informatization has brought about great changes in educational forms and learning methods, which have a great impact on traditional educational thoughts, concepts, modes, contents and methods. Education informization is an important part of national informatization, which has great significance for deepening education reform and improving education quality.

Internet technology is the prerequisite for educational informatization to be realized. The development and popularization of Internet technology has also played a positive role in promoting the development of educational informatization. In order to make further research in this field, 2023 3rd International Conference on Internet Technology and Education Informatization (ITEI 2023) will be held in Tianjin, China from November 24-26, 2023. ITEI 2023 will focus on the latest research on Internet Technology and Educational informatization. Experts, scholars, researchers and relevant practitioners from all over the world will gather together to share research results, discuss hot issues, and provide participants with the most cutting-edge technical information, so that they can understand the industry development and the latest technology, And broaden their research horizons. We warmly invite you to join ITEI 2023 and look forward to your participation.


Full Paper Submission Date

November 01, 2023

Registration Deadline

November 08, 2023

Final Paper Submission Date

November 15, 2023

Conference Dates

November 24-26, 2023


1661911156825_2B0AC240-12D7-4333-8F1D-59F389A4DF33.png  Conference Secretary: Katniss Tam

1661911082805_C9731E2A-48CF-4f6d-B2B7-3FEACAF69F6D.png  E-mail:

1661910965610_F6D34FB5-96D8-41b9-BD3C-46FC5735A5D7.png  Mobile: +86-15360858776 (Wechat)

1661911259360_ACB4A078-9581-4ea6-A6C7-1142FC015720.png  QQ: 254933727

The Secretary office of  ITEI 2023 will be collecting all the contributions and managing the daily organizing work of the conference. All the paper peer-review process will be completed by the conference Program Committee members and externally invited expert reviewers.

If you have any question or inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

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