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The 2023 8th International Conference on Electronic Technology and Information Science(ICETIS 2023)

ICETISlogo-01.pngImportant Information

Conference Website:

Conference Date:March 24-26, 2023

Conference Venue:Session 1: Dalian,China    Session 2: Leeds, UK

Full Paper Submission Deadline: March 5, 2023

ICETISlogo-01.png Conference Introduction

Since 2016, ICETIS Conference has attracted many experts, professors, scholars and engineers from domestic and foreign universities, scientific research institutes, enterprises and institutions to participate in it, sharing professional experience around the theme of "electronic technology and information science", expanding professional networks, exchanging new ideas face to face and displaying research results, and discussing the key challenges and research directions facing the development of this field. The conference aims to promote the development and application of theory and technology in universities and enterprises, and to establish business or research contacts for participants and find global partners in the future.

       The 8th International Academic Conference on Electronic Technology and Information Science (ICETIS 2023) will be held in Dalian and Leeds on March 24-26, 2023. We look forward to your participation!

ICETISlogo-01.png Keynote speaker


Prof. Jinhu Lü , IEEE Fellow

Beihang University, China

    Yanguo Jing-116x160.jpg

Prof. Yanguo Jing

Leeds Trinity University, UK


Prof. Enyuan Dong

Dalian University of Technology, China


Prof. Hu Sheng, Vice Dean

Dalian Jiaotong University, China

ICETISlogo-01.pngCall for Papers

1.Electronic Engineering

2.Machinery industry 

3.Computer Engineering

4.Computer security

5.Other related topics (Click)

ICETISlogo-01.pngPaper Publication

After the submission of this conference has been strictly reviewed by 2-3 experts from the organizing committee,the final papers will be published by EI catalogue series journals, and then submitted to EI Compendex and Scopus for retrieval.

◆Thesis shall not be less than 4 pages。

Matters needing attention:Thesis shall have academic or practical value and have not been published in domestic and foreign academic journals or conferences. The author can check duplicates through CrossCheck, Turnitin or other query systems at his own expense, otherwise the author will be responsible for the rejection caused by the article repetition rate. Papers suspected of plagiarism will not be published and will be published on the conference homepage.


Please register the accepted thesis in time. If it is overdue, it will give up publishing by default。

& Papers shall be typeset according to the conference paper template, and submissions shall be submitted in WORD and PDF format, which shall not be less than 6 pages。 

& Thesis shall be of academic or practical value and have never been published in any domestic or foreign journals or conferences. Authors can check duplicates at their own expense through CrossCheck, Turnitin (the duplicate checking rate is lower than 30%) or other query systems. If the publishing house refuses to do so due to the article repetition rate, the author shall bear the responsibility. Papers that confirm academic fraud will not be published and will be published on the conference homepage.


ICETISlogo-01.pngConference Agenda

March 24, 202313:00-17:00Registration
March 25, 202309:00-12:00Speeches of Keynote Speakers
14:00-17:30Oral Presentations
March 26, 202309:00-18:00Academic Investigation

ICETISlogo-01.pngRegistration Fee

Extra Pages (Begin at Page 5)

ItemRegistration fee

 (By CNY) 

Registration fee

(By USD) 

Contribution (4 pages)3200 CNY/per paper500 USD/per paper
Manuscript numbers ≥ 32900 CNY/per paper450 USD/ per paper
300 CNY/per extra pag50 USD/ per extra page
Attendees without Submission1200 CNY/per person180 USD/per person
★Attendees without Submission (Groups)

1000 CNY/per person(≥ 3 person)

150 USD/per person(≥ 3 person)
Purchase Extra Journal500 CNY/book75 USD/book

ICETISlogo-01.pngMode of participation

1、Author participation: one author is allowed to participate in an employment article for free;

2、Keynote speaker: apply for a keynote speech, which will be reviewed by the organizing committee;

3、Oral speech: 15 minutes for applying for oral report;

4、Poster display: Apply for poster display, A1 size;

5、Audience participation: only participate in the conference without contribution, and also apply for speech and exhibition。

6、Register for the conference: The conference is supported by AiScholar for online registration. Please click the following chart to register for the conference:

qiehuanmoshi.pngSubmission method

Download the paper template:Click

1. English contribution: after reference typesetting, upload the full text (WORD+PDF) directly to the Contribution systemmicroscope.158df312.png

2. Chinese contribution: The conference only accepts all English contributions. If you need translation service, please contact the conference secretary directly: 18922115477 or send the Chinese version to the conference mailbox


ICETISlogo-01.pngContact us

   Hamson Chen | Mr Chen                          384220614174113272.jpg





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