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Peer review service
The Assessment Service
to Your Satisfaction.
Rapid professional review doesn't require a long wait
Journals spend an average of two to three months inviting experts in the field to peer review your work. For academics, it has been an agonising wait.
AiScholar Think Tank Team gatheringVarious fields of studyandwith rich experience in reviewing and publishing papers,experts and scholars will in advance of your manuscript simulation peer
review,in 10 working daysthey will give their review comments.
Know your problems beforehand: Accelerate the acceptance channel
We will give your professional review opinions before recommending your paper to the journal.Know the paper's problems that may cause rejection beforehand, so that you can revise your manuscript one step ahead and speed up the progress of submission,Improve the chances of acceptance!
Service process
The author use the order No.
Upload manuscript for duplicate checking
Confirm manuscript handover
Match paper reviewer
Gather reviewers' comments and feedback to the authors
Service price
Number of reviewers
Delivery cycle
1 reviewer
1000 Yuan
2 reviewers
10 working days
1800 Yuan
3 reviewers
2500 Yuan
1. If you need urgent service, please consult customer service before uploading manuscript
2. Service price includes invoice price
Submission and consultation
Copyright center-SCI journal submission
E-mail for submissions:
SCI consultant: Editor Huang (QQ:11596851)
Editor Huang (WeChat: 13922157854)
SCI consultant: Editor Lin (QQ: 1193915600)
Editor Lin: (WeChat: 13922157504)
Copyright Center - Compilation cooperation
Translation polishing: Editor Jiang (QQ: 2557800450)