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Duplicate checking: the essential step before submission
Duplicate checking is the essential step before submission to ensure the originality of the manuscript. But citation of literature and data is essential in writing, so many authors do not realize that their manuscript repetition rate is too high. And usually after you have submitted to the journal, the journal will test the repetition rate of your paper. Repetition rate is too high, the probability of rejection increases.
Duplicate checking: say no to plagiarism
Plagiarism, whether intentional or unintentional, is considered a violation of academic ethics, so if the test results show that your paper is suspected of plagiarism, not only will the journal refuse to publish your paper, but your reputation and credibility may also be damaged.
Duplicate checking via AiScholar for free and no worries when submitting your papers
Authors that select AiScholar services canuse the order upload English manuscript to ourIntelligent duplicate checking system supported by CrossCheck databaseEnjoy one free duplicate checking service, analyze the originality of the author's English paper or paper that has been translated into English, and issue a re-exmaination report for the author's later revision.
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