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Journal matching
In addition to the IF value, there are other factors to consider when selecting a journal. Many authors have been rejected because their articles do not conform to the journal's theme, and some have delayed their research because they do not know the publication cycle of the journal.
Service content
AiScholar has editors with years of accurate journal matching experience, with the help ofour journal resource dataandpaper review experience, base on the theme of journal requirement, impact factor, review cycle, editor preference for you we will match1-3 target journals. Moreover, we have established cooperative relationships with a number of international SCI journals (publishers) and reviewed manuscripts via our recommendationsGreatly shortened the time cycleThe acceptance rate is as high as 80%
Our service quality assurance:
We are familiar with various international periodical databases, including SCI, SSCI, ISTP, EI, etc.
We have a rich experience of submission, we can accurately locate your papers and recommend the most suitable journals for you
Our service quality assurance:
Whether the research area is consistent;
Auxiliary functions(whether Open Access is required)
Selection preference of target journals;
Type of paper(Article, Review or Letter);
Degree of urgency for publication
The importance of articles in the professional field
We promise that after your manuscript is recommended to the target journalin 3 months you can receive the first decision of the journal
Service process
The author use the order No. to
upload and recheck the manuscript
Confirm manuscript handover
Senior editors recommended journal(s)
Duplicate checking feedback
Service price
Date of
3 working days
1000 Yuan
Submission and consultation
Copyright center-SCI journal submission
E-mail for submissions:
SCI consultant: Editor Huang (QQ:11596851)
Editor Huang (WeChat: 13922157854)
SCI consultant: Editor Lin (QQ: 1193915600)
Editor Lin: (WeChat: 13922157504)
Copyright Center - Compilation cooperation
Translation polishing: Editor Jiang (QQ: 2557800450)