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Submission regulations proofreading
The cumbersome submission guidelines on the submission system often make the author don't know where to start with. As long as there is a omission, it is easy to be returned to the journal for revision, and repeated revision takes time and effort. So we haveprofessional editing team, for your manuscript,typesetting according to the journal's Guidelines requirements, to save your valuable time.
Service content
AiScholar can do the following for you:
Graph editing
Edit your chart format to meet the demands of journal
(Note: This service include free editing less than 5 pictures, additional pictures will be charged editing fee 180 Yuan each.)
Paper format adjustment
Revise the format of your paper according to the format of the journal Author Guideline, including column division, line spacing, font, heading style, reference format, and so on.
Cover letter
AiScholar will compile a cover letter for you according to the content of your manuscript
Paper proofreading
Proofread the paper as a whole(Including the overall examination of the paper's language, such as whether the usage of British English or American English is the same, and whether the numbers and symbols of the paper conform to the professional expression habits, etc.; check the overall format of the paper, such as whether the sections are reasonable, whether the references conform to the regulations, whether the formulas and pictures conform to the standards, etc.
Service process
The author upload the manuscript and
specify the target journal
Confirm the handover of manuscript
Senior editorial team adjust
paper format, edit charts,
paper proofreading
Feedback to the author, reply to the subject
Potential problem
Service price and lead time
Lead time
5 to 7 working days
1000 Yuan
1. Paper word countMore than 1000 wordsoris urgentauthor of , author of , consult the customer service before uploading your manuscript
2. The service price includes the invoice price.
Submission and consultation
Copyright center-SCI journal submission
E-mail for submissions:
SCI consultant: Editor Huang (QQ:11596851)
Editor Huang (WeChat: 13922157854)
SCI consultant: Editor Lin (QQ: 1193915600)
Editor Lin: (WeChat: 13922157504)
Copyright Center - Compilation cooperation
Translation polishing: Editor Jiang (QQ: 2557800450)