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Paper revision assistance
Paper got rejected? The reviewer asked you to do a thorough revision?
AiScholar provides personalized paper revision assistance services for author whose papers have been rejected by journals or papers that require major or minor revisions,helping them to revise the manuscripts based on reviewer's comments before resubmitting it to the same journal or other journals.
Service content
AiScholar provides the following services:
Revise the manuscript according to the reviewers' comments
Subject experts conduct indepth polishing and rewriting on your manuscript based on the reviewer's comments to meet the requirements of journal publication.
Reply to the reviewers' comments
The way to properly explain the revision reason to the journal editors and reviewers, and to refute the harsh question posed by the reviewers, will affect the editors and reviewers' decision.
Edit and typesetting according to the journal requirements
Adjust the format of your paper according to the requirements of the target journal to ensure that the text and references of your paper meet the format requirements of your target journal.
Write the covering letter
The subject expert in charge of editing your paper will write a covering letter in accordance with the journal's requirements, in which the innovation and research contributions of your paper, as well as the improvements made in response to the reviewers' comments will be fully illustrated.
Service procedure
The author provides the manuscript to be submitted, the comment letter by the journal, the revised paper and a draft letter in reply. If you plan to submit to a different journal, please specify the journal you plan to submit to.
Confirm manuscript handover
The paper will first be poblished and revised by the subject experts and then handed over to the native language experts for polishing.
Deliver to the author the revised manuscript,
reviewer's comment letter and the covering letter for comfirmation.
The author replies to the potential problems raised by
the subject experts and native language experts.
Service price and delivery cycle
Service term
5-7 working days
0.9 Yuan/word
I. Word count is calculated with your paper original manuscript word count
II. Paper word countAuthors submitting papers over 1000 words, orpapers that need for urgent publication,please contact the customer service to conform the quotation and delivery cycle
III. Service price includes the invoice price
Submission and consultation
Copyright center-SCI journal submission
E-mail for submissions:
SCI consultant: Editor Huang (QQ:11596851)
Editor Huang (WeChat: 13922157854)
SCI consultant: Editor Lin (QQ: 1193915600)
Editor Lin: (WeChat: 13922157504)
Copyright Center - Compilation cooperation
Translation polishing: Editor Jiang (QQ: 2557800450)