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    Conference time: April 21-23, 2023

    Venue: Kaifeng, China

    Deadline: February 20, 2023

    Notification of acceptance/rejection: within 1 week after submission

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    The conference profile

    The 2nd International Conference on Cloud Computing, Internet of Things and Computer Applications (CICA2023) will be held in Kaifeng, China on April 21-23, 2023, hosted by AEIC Academic Exchange Center. This conference focuses on the latest research of "cloud computing", "Internet of Things" and "computer application", to build a platform for domestic and foreign experts, scholars, scientists and other relevant personnel engaged in related fields to exchange and share the latest research results, in order to achieve the purpose of mutual promotion and common improvement. At the same time, the key challenges and research directions in this field are discussed in order to promote the development and application of theories and technologies in this field.


    The main topics of the conference include: cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, network security, data mining, intelligent Internet of Things and other topics.



    Cloud computing:

    Cloud architecture and management

    Cloud delivery model, model optimization, and architectural changes

    Cloud infrastructure, services, and usage experience

    Cloud optimization and automation

    Cloud quality and performance

    Cloud resource virtualization and composition

    Smart computing infrastructure and platforms


    Distributed storage

    Time series analysis

    Cloud computing and blockchain

    Cloud security and privacy protection

    Cloud applications, infrastructure, and platforms

    Cloud computing design tools

    Computational parallel processing

    Virtualization on cloud platforms

    Mobile cloud, mobile devices

    Social cloud (social networks in the cloud)

    Maintenance and management of cloud computing

    Cloud applications in vertical industries

    Internal, storage, and external networks of the cloud system

    Virtualization in a cloud computing platform environment

    System integration, virtual computing cluster

    NoSQL data store

    Performance, SLA management and implementation

    Data storage and management in cloud computing

    Fog and edge computing

    Other Related Topics


    The Internet of things:

    Internet of Things technology architecture

    Internet of Things sensor

    Information sensing technology for the Internet of Things

    Iot multi-terminal cooperative control and intelligent terminal

    Multi-network resource sharing in the Internet of Things environment

    Heterogeneous fusion and multi-domain collaboration in the Internet of Things environment

    SDN and Smart Services Network;

    5G technology and its application in the Internet of Things

    Cloud Computing and Big Data in Internet of Things

    Internet of Things information analysis and processing

    CPS Technology and Intelligent Information system

    Software defined services for users

    Intelligent services and industry applications

    Internet of Things technology and application standards

    Internet of Things information security

    Internet of Things Architecture

    Networking technologies for the Internet of Things

    Internet of Things system interoperability

    Social acceptance of iot systems

    Privacy/Security/real-time fault correction

    Real-world applications of Internet of Things technology

    The Internet of Things and its impact on user modeling

    Other Related Topics


    Computer Applications:

    Computer aided system

    Natural language processing

    Image recognition

    Computer based communication

    Deep learning

    Simulation, modeling, robotics

    Innovative database technology and data processing

    Data mining, data warehousing and knowledge discovery

    Computer networks and security

    Computing and artificial intelligence

    Database management and information retrieval

    Business information system

    Geographic information system

    Information Systems and Applications

    E-commerce and e-government

    Security and cryptography

    Internet and network applications

    Computer architecture and computer aided design

    Computer vision and pattern recognition

    Control systems and robots

    Fuzzy logic and its applications

    Fuzzy,ANN& Expert approach

    The man-machine system

    The neural network

    Numerical analysis

    Grid and cluster computing

    Supercomputing and cloud computing

    Other Related Topics


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